admin   Feb 02, 2020

2019 Infiniti Q50 Long Island

Leasing a car should be a fun experience. The reality, though, is that many car dealerships make it a painful task. You probably have an idea of the car you want to lease, with the 2019 Infinity Q50 at the top of a lot of wish lists, but do not know how or if you can get to your target price. Would you rather go to a car dealership and negotiate for hours, or pick up the phone and simply talk to a leasing professional who can cut right to the chase, with an honest answer?

Beauty From the Inside to the Out

There is beauty from the inside of the Infinity Q50 right to the exterior of the vehicle. With the Infinity, you are getting materials and detail that simply are not seen from other car manufacturers. When you step inside, you know you are in an Infiniti. From the exterior, you have the same great appeal and shape of the vehicle, giving it that prominent, yet classy look all around.

Turbo Engine

The Infiniti Q50 offers a 3.0-liver V6 twin-turbo engine. This is an engine that screams performance right out of the gate. You get up to 400 horsepower in total for power that is going to take your breath away. If you have never been behind the wheel of this much power, it will be a game-changer.

Safety Technology

You get a lot of great safety technology with the Infiniti Q50 as well. The Q50 is going to help you with its world’s first technology. The standard system can warn you of risks in and around the road you do not see. The car on top of the car will be scanning what is ahead of you at all times. It also monitors the speed and distance of the car in front of you, as well as the car two vehicles ahead. If something is wrong, it will tell you.

Honest and openness are what it is all about with the team at Auto Lease Direct NY. It may be that the Infinity Q50 is much more in reach than you think from a leasing perspective. If it is your dream car, you owe it to yourself to talk to our professionals and see if a deal can be made. If it does get done, expect delivery of your Infinity Q50 to your Suffolk County door in no time!

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