01 How is Auto Lease Direct different from a dealership?

We are a FULL Service Automotive Broker with access to All Makes and Models. We shop the entire tri-state area to get you the best deals. NO HAGGLING BACK AND FORTH, NO DEALERSHIP HASSLES AND NO WASTED TIME! There is NO broker fee so the customer always WINS!

02 Is there a difference getting a car from Auto Lease Direct vs going to the dealer myself?

Bottom line is that we save you TIME and $$$! WE have all the inside info on dealer incentives which is not public knowledge so we can get you better deals than you walking into the showroom. We can finalize the transaction over the phone and deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. All applicable manufacturer warranties/offfers remain.

03 How quickly can I get my new car?

With all things considered, you can get your new car the same day. Once a car is decided on and you are approved, the delivery process/paperwork can be completed as quickly as 10 minutes. No more spending HOURS in Dealerships!

04 Where can I pick up my car?

You may pick up your car at our main office:
4219 Merrick Rd
Massapequa, NY 11758

We offer delivery to your home or office, as long as it’s within a 100-mile radius of our location. You may also pick up at the dealer if you wish.

05 Where can I take my vehicle for service and maintenance?

You can take your vehicle to any local service center that is authorized by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

06 Whom do I pay every month?

You’ll make your payments to the bank that is financing your lease. Often the manufacturer itself will lease the vehicle directly. If that’s your case, make your payments to the manufacturer.

07 Are the advertised cars brand new cars?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated, you can assume the vehicles we are advertising are new.

08 What does “loyalty” mean?

Car manufacturers want to reward customers who come back to them, so they’ll give out special incentives to those customers. If one of our advertisements indicates that a price requires “loyalty,” you must currently be a customer of that car manufacturer to qualify for that incentive and price.

09 What does “conquest” mean?

Car manufacturers want to attract customers who are currently driving another brand so they’ll give out special incentives to those customers. If one of our advertisements indicates that a price requires “conquest,” you must currently be a customer of any car manufacturer other than the one advertised to qualify for that incentive and price.

10 If there’s a problem with the car, whom do I call?

We provide cars with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. As long as your car is still covered under the warranty, contact your local authorized service center. If your vehicle is no longer under warranty, call us at (516) 442-4141, and we’ll refer you to a certified mechanic or body shop.

11 What does “$0 Down” mean?

“$0 Down” signifies that there is no capitalized cost reduction. You will still have to pay your 1st payment, bank fee, taxes, and DMV fees.

12 What is a Sign and Drive?

A sign and drive is paying your 1st payment and DMV upfront. The bank fee and taxes will be rolled into your payment.

13 What is a bank fee?

The bank offering the lease will often charge a bank fee for their services. You can pay this right away or roll it into your monthly payments.

14 What is a disposition fee?

It is a fee the bank charges to offset the expense to sell the car at the end of the lease. The fee is always outlined on the contract and never changes. However if you re-lease and replace your vehicle with the same bank they will waive the fee.

15 Can you recommend a body shop?

We certainly can. Speak with a client services representative by calling (516) 442-4141, and we would be happy to help.

16 What kind of credit do I need to qualify for a lease?

There is no specific credit score or guidelines you must meet. Generally, you should be current with all of your monthly obligations. We are willing to work with people with all types of credit, and we would be happy to have a look at your situation. There is no obligation for this service. Call us at (516) 442-4141 for more information and assistance.

17 Will you accept trade-ins?

We take all makes and models. Please call us at (516) 442-4141 to learn more.

18 Do you have a referral program available?

We offer $$$ for successful referrals. Please contact us prior to referring someone so we can make sure you are compensated. To learn more, give us a call at (516) 442-4141 and speak with a client service representative.

19 Can I include all fees into my payments?

Certainly. Just request a “Sign & Drive” deal. We will amortize all additional fees over your monthly payments.

20 Can you help me get out of my lease?

We can often assist if you’d like to terminate your lease early. Call us at (516) 442-4141 and speak with a client services representative to learn more.

21 Can you recommend a good insurance company?

We have a list of close clients in most of the major Insurance companies. Call us at (516) 442-4141 to speak with a client services representative, and we would be happy to assist you.

22 Do you sell cars in addition to leasing them?

Yes anything you can do at a dealer we can do. Cash, finance or lease we can handle it all. Please call us at (516) 442-4141 to learn more.

23 I’m looking for a vehicle that isn’t on your website.
Can you help?

We have too many specials to list so please call us at (516) 442-4141 or request a quote to learn more.

24 How long does it take to complete a transaction?

We can sometimes offer same-day delivery. Some transactions may take a few hours to a few days. We’ll let you know what the timeline is once we start to
work with you.

25 Why Auto Lease Direct vs another broker?

The biggest difference is experience. 99% of brokers have 0 or very limited automotive experience. Ron’s team has over 45 years of automotive dealership experience and Ron has over 15+ years as General Manager, General Sales Manager and Sales Manager. Anyone can sell a car but do they really know what they’re doing? We all have worked in the dealership at various levels and can explain in detail every process to you. No need to worry about our credentials. Credibility, competence and honesty is what you will get from our expert team at Auto Lease Direct!

26 How do I exit my lease early?

We have expedited lease termination services for qualified applicants. Click Here for more details.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Payments are based on tier 1 credit. Subject to availability, region and program changes.All specials are with $0 Down, taxes, 1st payment, bank fee and DMV due at signing 10k miles/yr. 4219 Merrick Rd,Massapequa NY 11758 | (516) 442-4141 Licensed & Bonded By New York State CAREERS