admin   Feb 02, 2020

Long Island Lease Deals on the Chrysler Pacifica

When the time comes to go ahead and lease a vehicle, what is your starting point? Do you jump online to find all of the different Long Island car dealers in the area? Taking a trip to car dealerships, though, is not something that is much fun of an experience. You walk into the lot, you get attacked by a bunch of sales folks, and you feel as though you are prey amidst sharks in the water. Take out all of that stress and work with Auto Lease Direct NY and their team for your next ride, the Chrysler Pacifica.

A New Kind of Mini-Van

The Chrysler Pacifica is a new kind of minivan. You think of minivans in a context where they are lacking in features, more with the basis around giving families space, soccer moms the ability to roll in kids left and right to and from practices. The Pacifica changes the formula up though with what it offers.

The Pacifica is a minivan with a new identity. Some of the amazing features of this ride include the sporty look and feel of it. Behind each passenger, headrest you have LCD screens, with touch capability. You can watch Blu-rays, the kids can play games, etc. The automatic sliding doors, as well as trunk, are wonderful features. The look is also that of more of a sporty vibe as well, giving this an appearance you do not normally find with a minivan offering.

The Auto Lease Direct NY Way

The Auto Lease Direct NY way or working a lease is different. We want to work with you right over the phone, at your time and your convenience. If we can work out a deal, and our specials are unique to every dealership in the Long Island market, we can set it up so your Pacifica can be delivered right to your door. You never have to leave the house to get a brand new minivan.

The Auto Lease Direct NY team has a great lease special right now for the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica. You do not have to go to a car dealership to see what we can offer. All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to one of our lease experts. With features like CarPlay, Blind Spot detection, and more, this is a minivan that truly is next-generation and worth your attention.

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