Quick Hassle Free & Easy Car Shopping on Long Island

When was the last time you had an enjoyable experience at a car dealership? No one likes going to talk to a car dealer and going through the whole negotiation process. You need to go in there, talk to a salesperson, haggle for hours, and in the end, you have no idea if you got a good or a bad deal. Auto Lease Direct NY eliminates all of those hassles and makes it easy for folks in Long Island to get behind the wheel of a dream car.

It is all about hassle-free car shopping in Long Island when you work with the team at Auto Lease Direct NY. It all starts with a phone call, not a trip to a dealership. We want you to just give us a call and allow us the opportunity to show you what we are all about.

There is no waiting when you work with Auto Lease Direct NY. You can get on the phone with one of our honest and open professionals at any point. It really is that simple, easy, and fast. There are no dealership visits and no stress that goes along with it.

The team will work with you to talk through all of the various models of vehicles. The goal is to try and get you behind the wheel of a dream car with lease terms that fit your budget. If we can meet that goal in a way that works for you, we will complete all of the forms and everything, finalizing the lease agreement. The final step in the process is you get delivery of your dream car at your home. You do all of this while never actually visiting a car dealership!

Lease Deals Long Island Honda CR-V Sales & Specials

Seeking out a lease in Long Island or Nassau County for a Honda CR-V should be a fun experience. You should enjoy the process of exploring the Honda CR-V models available to find exactly what you are looking for. When you work with Auto Lease Direct NY, we can help all of our Queens customers and abroad ensure they get the very best lease deal possible.

The Honda CR-V is amazing in its distinct appearance. It has a design that really does take things up a notch in the crossover sport utility vehicle market. The headlights and taillights of the CR-V are completely unique, along with the panels and their sculpting. It is all in the spirit of giving the CR-V its own look and vibe.

The interior of the CR-V is also all about innovation. You have tons of technology as well as the ability to configure seats to meet your needs. Plenty of cargo space exists with the CR-V, including storage that is hidden under the floors of the seats. The Honda CR-V, overall, is a great mix of both functionality, value, luxury, and driving heaven.

The team at Auto Lease Direct NY gets a lot of requests regarding the CR-V. If you are looking to get behind the wheel of the Honda, you want to call our team. Once you make the initial phone call, we can work with you to talk through all of the models available. We can give details on each and also help you figure out which is going to best fit your budget. This is not like calling a dealership as you will get a team of honest and open professionals. If a deal is something that you reach, the lease begins and you get delivery of a Honda CR-V right to your front door.

Lease Deals for Mercedes on Long Island

There is no better time than now to lease a brand new Mercedes. The Mercedes brand is on a high like never seen before. The company continues to pump out amazing models of vehicles, whether you are looking for something in the Sedan space or more in the SUV arena. At Auto Lease Direct, the goal is to work with you to get you behind the wheel of the Mercedes of your dreams.

Mercedes Meets All Long Island Needs

Mercedes has a bit of everything in its offering to consumers. When you look at the Mercedes line of vehicles, you see everything from sedans to coupes, as well as SUVs, convertibles, hybrids and more.

In the sedan line, you have the A-Class, C-Class, as well as the E-Class sedans all available. These meet basically every need and touch on all types of luxury you may seek in a quality Mercedes vehicle.

Once you get into the SUV space, you start to look at the GLA SUV, as well as the GLC SUV. This is the next generation of the SUV from Mercedes and these two vehicles are making their mark on what is a crowded space.

Leasing Made Easy

The Auto Lease Direct way of handling an auto lease on Long Island is to bring the leasing experience to you. We want to work with you right over the phone with our team of qualified and reliable professionals. We preach honesty and openness and try to do this with each customer we interact with.

It does not have to be a massive struggle to find the right Mercedes lease deal on Long Island. At Auto Lease Direct, we like to make it easy. We are your main point of contact and all it starts with is a phone call. You could be deciding between models, comparing pricing on our Long Island lease deals, and awaiting delivery of your brand new Mercedes before you know it.

Lease Deals for Toyota on Long Island

Lease Deals for Toyota on Long Island

Toyota is one of the most reliable automobile brands on the planet. When you think of Toyota, you think of quality experience behind the wheel. We aim to deliver that same type of quality experience as you go through the leasing process for your new Toyota. At Auto Lease Direct, we aim to work with you to help educate you on the models, options, to help you nail the very best lease deals for Toyota on Long Island.

The Yaris, Corolla, Camry, and More

Toyota brings a lot to the market in terms of car options for everyone. At the base level, they have some great choices like the Toyota Yaris. From there, you have the Camry and Corolla, which have both been staples in the auto industry for generations now.

Toyota is also making a big mark in the truck space with the Tacoma, as well as the Tundra. Both of these load with options and raw power.

The RAV4, Sequoia, Highlander, and 4Runner make up the SUV offerings from Toyota. It will all depend on your taste, how big of an SUV you want, power, luxury, and everything else. When you assess your choices, though, you will be able to check boxes and come to a decision on one of the great brands.

Toyota Brings a Lot of Lease Options for Customers in Long Island

Toyota makes a lot available to consumers. Whether you are looking at the classic Toyota Camry or trying to seek out a new pickup truck with the Toyota Tacoma, the goal is to provide you with lease deals on Long Island you cannot refuse. The way these get made available is as easy as can be as well. We make them available via phone calls, discussions, rather than trips to a car dealership where you get put on the attack by a pushy salesperson.

Lease Deals for BMW on Long Island

Lease Deals for BMW on Long Island

Ever dream of driving around in a brand-new BMW? Do you not have it in you to buy a BMW outright through traditional financing? Having a new car is nice and when you lease, you get to swap out your ride every few years for something fresh. At Auto Lease Direct, we bring the best lease deals for BMW right to Long Island customers. The goal is to help connect you, the driver, with the very best lease deal possible in an easy fashion.

The SAV, Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible Offerings

The BMW models are unique, powerful, and full of luxury. The SAV class from BMW is where many immediately gravitate towards. With this line, you are taking the SUV class of vehicle and putting a little more active nature in it. BMW called in the Sports Activity Vehicle, and they have the X1, X2, as well as X3 offering.

In the sedan space, BMW brings out their classic luxury vibe with the 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, as well as 7 Series. The M3 and M5 are also available if you want to go for a top-tier BMW.

BMW offers more than just the SAV and sedan entries, with a coupe and convertible options there as well for you to check out.

Leasing a BMW Through Auto Lease Direct

Lease deals are plentiful when you work with Auto Lease Direct. We want to work with you to go through all the various models BMW makes available. Once you decide on the proper model, the negotiation is low stress and can all happen right over the phone. We make a commitment to you to be reliable, professional, and honest every step of the way. Our goal is to share with you our very best lease deals to put you behind the wheel of your new BMW.

Lease Deals for Infiniti on Long Island

Lease Deals for Infiniti on Long Island

Infiniti is one of the more popular brands of the automobile on the market today. The models made available from Infiniti over the past few years continue to push the boundaries in terms of luxury, power, and more. They meet the needs of every customer by offering a variety of models, options, and choices. With Auto Lease Direct, we want to help educate you on every single one available from Infiniti. In doing so, we help you better understand the various lease deals for Infiniti on Long Island.

Classic Options for the Smart Consumer

Infiniti provides some classic options for the smart consumer. The models made available from Infiniti, with eight of them in total rounding out the set, are all great in their own right. The Q50, Q60, as well as Q70 all, provide different levels of power and luxury, as well as overall comfort. Each is great in their own right and depending on the features you seek, will meet your needs one way or another in the sedan space.

In the SUV space, you have other options from Infiniti that are equally important. From Infiniti, you have Q30, Q50, Q60, as well as the largest of the bunch, the Q80. With many of these models having a third-row seat, it can be great for families looking for a luxury vehicle that is not a minivan!

Infiniti Checks All the Boxes as a Great Lease Option

The lease deals and various options available to you as a consumer are plentiful. We are the professional and reliable lease provider you seek. There is no need to walk into a dealership and face a hard sales pitch before you step out of your current vehicle. Instead, from the comfort of your home, pick up the phone and talk to us. Let us walk you through the options and set you up with the right lease deal on Long Island for you. In taking this approach, your Infiniti may get delivery sooner than you think!

Hyundai Lease Deals Long Island

The Hyundai brand continues to be one of the most reliable in all the industry. Those looking to buy or lease a car often look to Hyundai due to their commitment to quality, the greatness of what they create with every vehicle that rolls off their manufacturing line. If you are looking for lease deals for Hyundai on Long Island, NY, you should give a call to Auto Lease Direct to check out your options.

Reasons to Go For a Hyundai

The Hyundai is known to be a very reliable and dependable car. There are quite a few Hyundai vehicles driving around Nassau County and Suffolk County and the popularity stems from the level of quality in each build. They continue to push their models forward year after year as well.

In the sedan space, there are lease deals for Hyundai on Long Island, NY available in three models. The Hyundai family of cars has the Accent, Elantra, as well as Sonata as the three sedans. The Accent is the subcompact, Elantra compact, while Sonata is midsize. Each of these models has a lot of standard features that raise the eyebrows of consumers. Some of the popular features with these include advanced safety features, available panoramic sunroof, as well as available hand-free smart trunk, letting you open the trunk when your hands are already full.

Plenty of SUV Options

In the crossover and SUV space, Hyundai also delivers with a lot of model options. The 2019 Kona is a new and popular one in the crossover market, as is the 2019 Tucson. The Santa Fe and Santa Fe XL provide more of your standard SUV fare with bigger bodies, more space, and additional power. All these SUV options make for great lease specials for you to explore as a consumer if that is the desire.

Hybrids and Electric

Hyundai also fills the hybrid and electric markets nicely with the Ioniq plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The Nexo fuel cell model is popular and drives their technology forward. They also have a Sonata in hybrid and plug-in hybrid options available.

The bottom line is Hyundai has a lot of variety, tons of technology and standard features, and fantastic lease specials. Work with the team at Auto Lease Direct to figure out which will work best for you and have a new Nissan delivered to your Suffolk County front doorstep today!

Lease Deals – Jeep/Dodge/Ram Long Island

There are always lease deals for Jeep/Ram/Dodge on Long Island, NY, but it is a matter of finding them with ease that is the struggle. Traveling out to car dealerships takes time, causes stress, and the run-around of so many car dealers can be exhausting. At Auto Direct Lease, we make it easy to get a great lease deal on a Jeep/Ram/Dodge you have been eyeing!

The Models of the Jeep/Ram/Dodge Family

There are many options when you are talking about lease deals for Jeep/Ram/Dodge on Long Island, NY. In the Jeep space alone, you have some of the most popular models in all the vehicle market. Some models that immediately come to mind include the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. Jeep continues to expand offerings with their Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee models which gain popularity. There is even a Wrangler truck coming down the pipe in the next year or two!

The Ram and Dodge brands also have plenty of their own quality models. When you think of Ram, you immediately think of quality trucks and that is exactly what they deliver. Dodge pushes the envelope in a big way in the SUV space with the Durango, the Journey, and even the Grand Caravan in the minivan market. The challenger and Charger are two other noteworthy models if you are looking for some power out on the road!

Quality All Around

The one thing you can count on when looking lease deals for Jeep/Ram/Dodge on Long Island, NY is quality all around. So many in Nassau County drive around a Jeep Wrangler, not because they are fun, but they are quality vehicles which are reliable, dependable, and pack a lot of safety and technology advancements. If you want to go on a road trip, it is the Jeep/Ram/Dodge family that can easily get you there. The same goes if you have a job to complete, looking right at that Ram truck is likely your top choice.

Shopping for the best lease deals for Jeep/Ram/Dodge on Long Island, NY is easier than you think. It all starts with a quick phone call to Auto Lease Direct. We can guide you every step of the way to get you behind the wheel of your dream model!

Want To End Your Lease Early?

Want to exit your lease before the contracted term? We provide options and programs that can help you exit your lease early (up to 35 months in some cases). Utilizing sites like Swap A Lease, we can post your vehicle for you, take pictures and handle the complete transaction, including phone calls and emails from prospective buyers to negotiate your best terms. Our goal is to expedite the process and get you out of your lease ASAP.

Please note, not all banks qualify for early lease termination so please email me for complete details.
Andy Liriano

Client Care Manager
Auto Lease Direct
516-442-4141 ext 105

Nissan Lease Deals Long Island

How many times have you hopped on a search engine and thought about looking up leasing a brand new Nissan? You may have done this a dozen or so times on your phone, but what is the hesitation? Most folks do not want to trek to a dealership and go through the hassle of seeing if it’s affordable, will work for them and their budget. At Auto Lease Direct, we offer lease deals for Nissan on Long Island, NY without the hassle, the hustle, making it easy to explore all options.

All Nissan Models Available

You have the ability to work with us on all the various Nissan models. Looking to go electric with the Nissan Leaf or head more in the SUV direction with the Nissan Rogue? We have both of those options available to you in our lease deals for Nissan on Long Island, NY.

What is great about working with Auto Direct Lease is the ability to go directly through us. It starts with a phone call, and we can work to explore your options, set up leasing agreements, and deliver the car right to your doorstep.

Nissan Models Continue to Be Popular

Nissan continues to have great years with popular models. The variety of technology going into vehicles such as the Nissan Altima is amazing. Some of the options include standard Android Auto compatibility, NissanConnect services with Amazon Alexa, navigation, and more. Safety features also continue to be a priority in all Nissan models.

Something for Everyone

Nissan does a great job of making sure they have something for everyone. The Nissan Juke is a prime example, as the company came out with a compact car for the masses, making it affordable and fun to take out on the road. Nissan checks all the boxes with economical cars, sports cars, power vehicles, and more.

Lease deals for Nissan on Long Island, NY start and end with Auto Direct Lease NY. Nissan has a lot of variety in their makes and models. We encourage you to go on search engines and do your research, figuring out which is right for you. Once you do that, do not go to a car dealership, call us instead and let us work with you to deliver that new Nissan right to your front door!